Every brand
has a story...


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Zolo Group is a fresh new take on business communications. For a brand to be successful and impactful, it needs to represent trust and establish strong relationships with both customers and employees. 

As the 24-hour news cycle continues to spin, social media has become the dominant source for news and information across the world. Bloggers and influencers have become the new "reporters" of the millennium - and what people want to know are the stories about the leaders, products, and brands they follow. 

Being authentic and transparent about who you are as a company, what you stand for, how you engage with your employees, your clients and consumers have become the only way a brand can achieve respect, trust and credibility among their followers. Brand loyalty isn't what it used to be. Brands need to connect to their audience in a more personal, direct way. How a brand identifies itself is what builds reputation and leads to strong loyalty from customers. 

I can develop the strategy to help you tell your story through authentic, data-driven content, in your voice, across multiple platforms, and ultimately enhancing your brand reputation. 


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Giavanna Palazzolo (Gia)

Founder, Consultant

Zolo Group, LLC


I'm a proud Gen-Xer who believes that anything is possible if we believe in ourselves, work and live in integrity, respect each other and share our stories. We all have a story to tell and mine is filled with mystery, drama, humor, comedic errors, victory and defeat. 

As a native Michigander and Detroiter, my childhood was steeped in the automotive world. Like many of us from the Motor City, I grew up surrounded by three generations of automotive employees. My father was an engineer at Ford Motor Co. and brought home new vehicles to test every six months (which, by the way, I assumed was completely normal). My mother was an executive secretary for several Ford executives throughout her 35+ years at Ford. My Grandfather worked for Ford for 47 years and was the technical program manager for Ford's racing program in the 1960s, and my Great Grandfather was a mechanic at the Ford Rouge plant in the early 1930s. Most of my aunts, uncles, and cousins worked in manufacturing, logistics, and engineering. I grew up listening to countless stories around the family Sunday dinner table about dealers, sales and service, marketing, racing, powertrain, testing, engineering, prototypes, purchasing, unions, suppliers, etc., etc., etc. 

Naturally, when I graduated from college and entered the workforce, I gravitated to the "family business." I tried to venture out into other industries over the years. I've worked for tech companies, non-profits, and higher education, to name a few. And while the automotive industry continues to evolve and change, shrink and shift, the basic lessons I've learned from a lifetime in and around the industry have always stayed with me.


I'm a natural wanderlust - I love to travel with my Cannon EOS 650D around my neck, visiting new places, countries, and cultures. I've lived and worked in incredible cities like Chicago, London and Bangkok. I finally migrated back to my hometown in late 2017 and found myself in the middle of this incredible renaissance happening in Detroit.  Detroit will never shake our famous Motor City nickname, and that is a badge we should all wear with honor. We are a city built by visionaries, inventors and entrepreneurs. At the turn of the 20th Century, we were the Silicon Valley of our time. 

Today, we're still a city of visionaries and inventors. New and exciting businesses are popping up every week. We've survived depressions, recessions, riots, and pandemics, and we continue to rise from the ashes with new ideas that transform our unique culture without losing sight of our history. 

That work ethic and perspective drive every project I tackle. The lessons I've learned from being a native daughter of this City and industry, combined with the experience of living and working among diverse international cultures, drives my passion for storytelling. I partner with my clients to help them find their distinctive voices and share their unique stories. 


Every brand has a story.  Zolo Group can help you tell yours.